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Established in 1970, Bellmont has proven its attention to detail and high quality standards by growing to be a market leader in the automotive, industrial and leisure sectors. Bellmont proudly manufacture to niche markets within Australia and with vision of exporting.

Directors Alan and Fernando D’Alberto have drawn on their automotive passion to combine high value engineering, superior function, A Class coating finishes and streamlined logistics of supply.

Bellmont is leading the way in innovative paint methods to create exclusive product offerings such as tri-colour parts. Our state of the art automated paint line allows Bellmont to paint all substrates to the highest level, from carbon fibre to kitchen cabinetry.

Some years ago Bellmont diversified into composites manufacturing to provide unique parts customised to the clients requirements. This has led to our new exciting Centaur product range, which includes the Centaur Sportsvan and Centaur Caravan, the Karakampa.

Our research and development craftsmen make use of CAD design and modelling techniques to ensure part accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated employees work to ISO9001 quality rating on all products from speciality shop fittings to the largest public transport composite panels.




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